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Pramati Hillview Academy is a co-educational Day schooling, Day Boarding, Day Schooling with lunch and Boarding school run by Pramati Educational and Cultural Trust (R).

Day schooling, Day schooling with lunch and Boarding

Pramati Hillview Academy is a co-educational Day schooling, Day Boarding, Day Schooling with lunch and Boarding school run by Pramati Educational and Cultural Trust (R). The institution provides quality education that enables to meet the challenges of a radically changing society.

Pramati equips students with necessary academic skills, develops creative expression and inculcates Indian values. The school acts as a motivator rather than a trainer for the students. The school is managed by a team of competent trustees who have achieved leadership and excellence in various walks of life all around the globe.

Established in the year 2004 with a handful of students, the school has grown up today having around 1100 students. The school is housed in a landmark building with all the required facilities and space for various curricular and co – curricular activities.

Keeping the modern pedagogy in view, the school is equipped with excellent library, Audio-Visual room, Language laboratory, Science laboratory and Computer laboratory etc, to develop holistic growth amongst the students.

The school also caters to the various extra curricular talents of the students by providing them activities like Karate, Yoga, Music, Dance, Drawing, Sports, Science club, Humanities club, School band to encourage and excavate the hidden talents of the children.

Periodically conducted parent teachers’ meetings result in establishing a cordial relationship between parents and the Institution.

To keep pace with the present trend and to be able to meet the demands of global communication, the school gives special emphasis to English Speaking. Various activities like drama, debate, poetry recitation and book reading go round the academic year to enable the students to be fluent and confident with the language.

Thus our school has been shouldering the responsibilities of having an all round development of our future citizens.
Each child has the potential to grow into a self dependant and responsible adult.

Pramati stands for ‘Excellent Knowledge’ which ensues virtuousness, purity, fearlessness and auspiciousness.
The emblem of Pramati has a student before an open book on the desk. The open book symbolizes the gateway to knowledge and truth. The book rests on a desk which signifies the support system the school provides to each and every child. Pramati leads the child towards enlightenment.

The emblem shows the willingness of the child to gain knowledge under encouraging and motivating environment.
The desk in the emblem represents the place of learning, Pramati; the opened book represents knowledge that is imparted in the school; the student represents an enlightened mind absorbing knowledge in Pramati.

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