The school is managed by the Council of Trustees who have achieved leadership and excellence in various walks of life. They carry the common vision to impact young minds at the right age, at the right stage.

Mr. C S Sudarshana Principal is the Member Secretary
Mr. H V Rajeeva Secretary,Pramati Hillview Academy
Mr. S Paniraj Treasurer,Pramati Hillview Academy
Mr. Ramesh Principal,V V S , Pandith Nehuru High School
Mr. K R Gopal Swamy Principal,Maharshi Public School
Mrs. Kavya Parent,Pramati Hillview Academy
Mrs. Meghashree M Parent,Pramati Hillview Academy
Mrs. Roopa S School Teacher Representative
Mrs. Padma School Teacher Representative
Ms. Lavanya N Teachers from Other School, Citizen School Nanjangud
Mrs. Rekha B S
Teachers from Other School, V V S Mysore