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We envision to build a strong learning culture that promotes the individuality of all students, unifying them as future leaders. Our curriculum is built to impart values, comprehensive education and a strong sense of confidence in every child that they can succeed and fulfil their aspirations. Our faculty is our driving force and they closely work with students to grow mentally, emotionally and physically, while they engage in learning.

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  • Rashi B, Batch 2015

    “I joined Pramathi for my 1st grade and studied up to PU. I remember walking into the school happy, waiting to meet my friends and teachers, from the early days. All the years I have spent at Pramathi, I have enjoyed my schooling academically, enjoyed the exposure we get to play sports, learn arts and build out as a wholesome personality. I found the real value of it much later after I got a great job where I am appreciated a lot, which was possible because of the foundation laid at Pramathi. I am so glad to be a Pramathian.”

  • Arjun S, Batch 2017

    “I have had an amazing experience at Pramathi. The boarding days are still the best part of my childhood. I was lucky to get a lot of mentors here and I have made some amazing friends that support me, even today, for my passion. I am currently pursuing my Master’s Degree in the UK and the reason I am able to get until here is because of my strong schooling. I am very thankful to my teachers at Pramathi for making me who I am.”

  • Darshan K, Batch 2014

    “I have always loved maths and science because of my amazing teachers at Pramathi. I fell in love with both the subjects in 6th grade and my passion to be in the world of computers started. Today I head the IT team of a successful firm in Delhi. I loved how we got a lot of practical exposure at Pramathi and how teachers always encouraged us to ask questions and stay curious. This has brought me a long way. I’m a proud Pramathian”

Our Blog

Blog Of Pramathi Hillview Academy

“Education should Build up the character Strengthen the mind Expand the intellect”.

‘Pramati Hillview Academy’ strives for this and makes Education meaningful. ‘Pra’ stands for Progress and ‘Mati’ indicates wisdom. Pramati means progress of wisdom. We have made it our goal to bring to life these words by imposing quality education to all those who come under our care.



Key Features

    • Low Student Teacher Ratio.
    • Unparalleled Personal attention.
    • Excellent team of teachers.
    • Ideal ambience for teaching and learning.
    • Use of technology at all levels of learning.
    • Periodic interaction with parents.
    • A wide choice of coached co – curricular activities.
    • Vast sports ground.
    • Excellent coaching support for competitive exams.
    • Professional Student Counselling.
    • School Transportation Facilities.
    • Hobby class classical music , Abacus ,chess , Karate ,etc…
    • Value Based Learning.


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